The Parabolica – an F1 blog

This is my Formula One site.

Essentially, this site should – over time – consist of short articles on contemporary F1 (race reviews, musings on topics of the day etc) mixed with articles covering the history of the whole of the sport dating back to 1950. The latter will particularly focus on yesteryear’s drivers – after all, although it’s a technology-driven sport, it is the people that have always provided the interest for me – and a re-appraisal of their careers and reputations. I can’t pretend that as a one-man blogger I can provide up-to-the-minute news on the sport, but I hope to instead provide a more nuanced look at whether a certain driver has been overrated or underrated by hostory, and I also hope to share some of the more entertaining and interesting anecdotes and vignettes from 65 years of F1 excitement and drama.

Initially, I’ll be sharing my views on the Top 20 Best and Worst Drivers of all time, but I will also be running a feature on 25 ‘Lost Stars of F1’ where I hope to highlight the ‘brilliant careers that never were’: drivers that might have been household names had bad luck, injury, or – all too frequently – death, not intervened. The recent tragic passing of Jules Bianchi has reminded us that while safety has improved vastly over the last 20 years or so, motorsport remains inherently dangerous. And while Bianchi was rightly lauded as a potential future champion, taken far too soon, the likes of Chris Bristow, Roger Williamson and Tony Brise (to choose just British drivers) remain far too poorly-known given that they, too, had all it took to be world champions in their own eras. While, thankfully, not all of my 25 ‘Lost Stars’ met a tragic end, it is a reminder that in F1, the margin between a successful career and relative obscurity remains a very small one, perhaps more than any other sport. If this blog helps publicise those drivers’ stories, and more generally the genuinely thrilling world of F1 itself, to just a few more people, it will have done its job.

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